Meet The Team

website-beacon-windows-team-group-shot-250x230As a family run business, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and courteous team dedicated to helping you preserve your doors.






Lizette- head shot- 2012- web format Lizette:  

Starting the company in 2009, Lizette handles the sales, marketing and networking for Beacon Windows.  Seeing the need for a quality solution for sliding glass door repair in early 2011, Lizette changed the focus of the company to concentrate on becoming the leaders in the area for comprehensive sliding glass door repair.

She feels it is important that each client understand HOW their door system works so that they will understand not only what problems look like, but also what can be done about those problems to make the door work well.  Using simple concise illustrations, she guides clients to a clear understanding of how door systems function, clearly identifies how Beacon Windows technicians will fix their issues and then gives the client a valid estimate.

website-beacon-windows-team-steve-smiling-250x283_clipped_rev_3 Steve:

A Master Installer and Crew Chief, Steve’s attention to detail is superlative.  Having installed door systems for over 10 years, he thoroughly understands how the door systems function.

In addition to typical door issues, Steve also specializes in impingement problems . This is when a door may be squeezed down upon by a collapsing header, or may have been pinched upward by a floor issue.

Just like the parable of the tortoise and the hare… Steve plods on through to the finish line with diligence and wins the race through dedication to excellence!


Jonathan LaForgeJonathan: Friendly, outgoing, problem solving and analytical, our second Crew Chief, Jonathan brings new ideas to our company with gusto!  Having a highly creative mind he enjoys the challenges difficult door issues bring to the table and frequently comes up with very unusual solutions for clients.

As the next generation in the family, Jonathan is learning all aspects of the business, from installation and repair to sales and marketing.  His dedication to quality and quick smile warms the hearts of many of our clients. Y tambien se habla espanol.



w-beacon-windows-justin-smiling_clipped_rev_1 (1)Justin:

Quiet, attentive and capable, Justin follows the tradition of diligently creating solutions for our clients.  As our third Crew Chief, his polite easy-going, unruffled, and soothing nature is a joy to work with.

Justin never complains, no matter how hard the weatherstripping might be to come out… or how corroded the door extrusions might be.  He just keeps a firm hand to the plow and gets the job done!



website-beacon-windows-alex-smiling-250x256_clipped_rev_1 Alex: 

Warm, personable, with an infectious laugh, Alex brings joy to our team.  He is our company’s funny bone with his bright smiling eyes and joking comments!  He works hard and is learning the craft of quality door refurbishing.  Having lived in the Dominican Republic for a time, Alex speaks Spanish fluently.

So whether in English or in Spanish, if you need a smile in your day, spend a little time with Alex!