At Beacon Windows we provide a COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH

to quality sliding glass door repair. We specialize in corrosion issues.

Our goal is to bring your doors back to life for a fraction of the cost of replacement doors. We make doors highly functional by addressing the following issues systematically in each door:

  • Rollers- We prefer whenever possible to use a stainless steel roller with sealed bearings. This helps against salt, sand and wind, and the stainless steel adds longevity.
  • Weatherstripping- Most important to keeping cold howling winds outing the winter and air conditioning in during the summer is weatherstripping. Though a bit challenging to re-do, quality weatherstripping makes all the difference in your comfort.
  • Tracks- Sometimes older door systems experience issues in the track. If this is the case in your door, we have track solutions that can be installed that give the rollers a new surface to roll on.
  • Re-caulking- This is particularly important to protect against water intrusion and howling winds. We use a high quality elastomeric caulking designed to last 50 years.
  • Locks & Handles- Once we get the doors straight, tight and rolling right, then the last things we look at are your locks and handles. If yours are working well, we will just adjust and lubricate them. If they are broken, we can replace them. We carry common locks and can generally special order unusual locks.
  • We KNOW Doors: With over a decade in sliding glass door replacement work, we understand that individual door parts function together as a system.  Just like a spine that is out of alignment, when door parts break or wear down over time sliding glass doors communicate what is wrong with them. Our experienced team reads their signals and knows what to do to make those issues get better.

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