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Estimates & Cost Factors:

Do you give free estimates? Yes, Typically this is done over the phone.  We see and repair several thousand doors a year.   What may seem unique to you is likely something we are seeing over and

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Weatherization Ideas:

Is there anything else I can do to help my doors be more weather resistant? Yes. A couple of ideas come to mind. Review the caulking on all the non-operating panels and make sure there

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Lubrication Options:

What should be used to lubricate our tracks? DRY lubricants are best. We use a couple from the big box hardware stores.  You can purchase DuPont Teflon Spray or Liquid Wrench at LOWES and Blaster Dry Lube at Home Depot. 

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Keeping ON Track

Tracks in your door system are like the train tracks for a locomotive.  In this case, YOU are the train engine.  If you have damaged tracks, you, the train engine, experience difficulty when attempting to

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Lock Issues:

Lock problems in a door many times are like a fever in a person…an indicator of a much bigger issue.  Frequently the misaligning door causes the lock to work poorly.  Sometimes however the issue is

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Separation Anxiety:

Sometimes we see the glass actually SEPARATING from the gasket and metal framing!   This causes our clients to get very excited and we affectionately call this problem “Separation Anxiety” since they are experiencing anxiety over the separation

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Crack Attack

TIP: Here is a simple test YOU can do at home to determine if your door is out of alignment.   Bring the door up close to where it locks, but leave a small crack so

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Welcome to Beacon Windows

Refurbish your sliding glass door for a fraction of the cost of new. Beacon Windows serves multiple county’s in Florida, providing efficient Sliding Glass Door Repair Backed by Competent & Friendly Service!  Call us Today

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