Client Lil Appreciates a Detail Orient Woman Owned Business

Hi my name is Lil, and I just had my doors refurbished by Beacon Windows.And I want to tell you why I selected Beacon Windows. First of all Lizette is the owner of the company and she and I, like women that own companies because they pay more attention to detail and they are proactive with we customers. Which was very very important, my vote.

Now she sat down on the telephone with me and explained exactly what was involved in refurbishing sliding doors, which I wasn’t too, ah, I understood it when she was finished. I didn’t really know how much was involved. Now when the guys came, the team came to refurbish these doors, was I was amazed. They worked so diligently even to the point that they replaced the weather stripping on all the doors.

I couldn’t believe it. And now I don’t hear wind whistling through there, I don’t hear noise. And before Beacon Windows came, I used to have to open the door like this. Well now, watch, it’s amazing. Now if I were you and you needed some sliding doors refurbished, I would definitely give Beacon Windows a call.