Extreme Track Damage – What Can Be Done About It?

So here’s an example of a completely rusted wheel. It’s absolutely frozen in place. And because it’s frozen in place, it hasn’t been able to move for many many years. The same wheel has actually damaged the track.

So let’s take a look at the track. You can see where the wheel was actually living on the track. And it’s definitely damaged this track. So we’re going to put a piece of cap track over this. A stainless steel piece of metal that’s going to allow this particular track to stay here. But it’s going to cover over this area. And I’ll show you that as well.

So here’s the track that’s been already capped over. And you can see we’ve put some new stainless steel track over the old track that was all corroded and damaged.
And look at a difference, now you can very easily push the door. It’s nice and quiet. You don’t hear any rattling. No lumpy, bumpy crunching noises.