Lock Issues:

Lock problems in a door many times are like a fever in a person…an indicator of a much bigger issue.  Frequently the misaligning door causes the lock to work poorly.  Sometimes however the issue is the lock is loaded with corrosion.

TIP:  If your lock seems to be functional check for the door alignment using the first point under Crack Attack to determine if the door is crooked in the opening.  Many times by simply realigning the door system you can “magically” get the lock to work.

TIP:  Clean out and lubricate your locks regularly.

We are seeing a number of newer doors, replaced in the last 4-7 years, Hurricane Resistant IMPACT doors that are experiencing a lot of broken lock issues.  One of the reasons this is happening is because the weight of the newer doors is at least 3 times the weight of the older door systems.  Their wheels are not designed to take that much weight and so they fail at an earlier life expectancy even if they are quality stainless wheels.  When they start to fail one of the first indicators is the crushing of the locking mechanisms.

Many times I can tell which way the door is tilted (crooked) by simply looking at the lock damage.  If it is crushed from the top of the lock, the door is tilted heavy at the top.  Crushed from the bottom of the lock indicates tilting away from the bottom.  Understanding this is key to keeping HEAVY impact doors functioning optimally.  As expensive as they are to initially purchase most people don’t realize that you MUST keep them maintained regularly or run the risk of seriously damaging not only the locks, but also crushing the tracks.

TIP:  Replace wheels on IMPACT doors every 4-5 years.  In between replacement, keep your doors correctly aligned to avoid lock and track damage.

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