An Ounce of Prevention- Beach Scene-It article

An Ounce of Prevention is worth a POUND of cure.  This article shows you how to look for problems in your doors.


Beacon Windows Clearwater Gazette Reprint

A review of our work on the Alden Hotel- where we refurbished all their sliders- saving them nearly a million dollars over the cost of replacement.


Paradise News April 2011 ARTICLE

New Life for Sliding Glass Doors- with help from the door doctor!


Paradise News Feb 2012 Article

Client Testimonials from Beach front properties dealing with corrosion issues- Dolphin Beach Resort, Twins Apartments, Alden Hotel, Mansions by the Sea


Paradise News March 2014-P53-P54-joined

How Weatherstripping can save YOU big BUCKS!  A Study in Weatherization.