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Estimates & Cost Factors:

Do you give free estimates? Yes, Typically this is done over the phone.  We see and repair several thousand doors a year.   What may seem unique to you is likely something we are seeing over and

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Weatherization Ideas:

Is there anything else I can do to help my doors be more weather resistant? Yes. A couple of ideas come to mind. Review the caulking on all the non-operating panels and make sure there

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Lubrication Options:

What should be used to lubricate our tracks? DRY lubricants are best. We use a couple from the big box hardware stores.  You can purchase DuPont Teflon Spray or Liquid Wrench at LOWES and Blaster Dry Lube at Home Depot. 

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Keeping ON Track

Tracks in your door system are like the train tracks for a locomotive.  In this case, YOU are the train engine.  If you have damaged tracks, you, the train engine, experience difficulty when attempting to

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