Testimonial by Mrs. Kelly of Envoy Point

>>Lizette: Hi, we’re here today with Mrs. Kelly and we fixed her sliding glass door at Envoy Point. So tell me what was going on in your door? And how has it been since we’ve came by and fixed it?

>>Mrs. Kelly: Hi, well it’s a 100% different. Because when I came over to open the door, I would have to literally give it all I had to even get it to move. And it made a lot of noise, so I would just leave it because it was upsetting. Now, as you can see they’re beautiful.
I mean, they came in, they did a great job. She even brought a cookie. Anyway, they’re great. We love it, we’re really happy with them. Couldn’t be better.

>>Lizette: Fantastic, no more noise, no more wailing.

>>Mrs. Kelly: No more noise, no more hard work, no more wind rattling. That was a really big thing, I should have mentioned that right away.
We like to have our door, our front door open also. And the wind would rattle, so badly, the windows would rattle, the wind would whistle and make all this noise. That lots of times we just didn’t even bother to open them, it was so bad. So now we can really enjoy it. We have the doors open and close them when we want without any hard work. And they’re beautiful. We love them.

>>Lizette: Fantastic, well thanks so much.