Testimonial by Sue

Hi, my name is Sue and I just wanted to share with you how happy I am with Beacon Windows. It kind of starts here with my sliders. We live on the water and due to the salt, we’re always having problems with corrosion. I guess I could start by showing you here, this is the actual wheel that was in my track. And as you can see by all the corrosion in there, that was part of my problem, is it wouldn’t slide. I also had a lot of rust on my screws, my handles, my knobs and everything. And they were able to replace all of that with stainless steel. What my real issue was though, is due to some water damage, my sliders was being pinched and I could only open my door about this far.

So we needed to have somebody come out and do more than rollers and hardware. And everyone who I could find in the yellow pages or the local beacon, recommended replacing the sliders. Now unfortunately you don’t see them all but I have six sets of sliders. So to make it all right, my bids were all within the $27,000.00 dollar range. My husband and I looked at each other, there isn’t anything really wrong with these doors they just don’t open.

So what we needed was somebody who could fix the doors that we had. And that was a challenge. And we finally found somebody up to that challenge. And that was the people from Beacon Windows. They were able to actually remove my sliders, take this track out without destroying the rest of my house. Fix the header issue and put it all back together. And now these are my doors, and I paid a tenth of what my bids were. And every door in my house is now working, sliding. My screens have all be redone. My hardware and handles all are new. It’s wonderful. It’s a miracle.

So if anyone out there needs help with their sliders. Please call Beacon Windows. Thanks.