Tips and FAQs

Education is the KEY to understanding your door system.  Come here to learn more about how you can identify issues, maintain your door and avoid problems!

If you don’t see your question answered here, please feel free to reach out and ask us personally at 727-493-2644.

Crack Attack:

Information on how a door gets crooked and affects the entire door system

Separation Anxiety:

This is when glass and metal separate.  YES- it’s fixable!

Lock Issues:

Many times lock issues indicate bigger problems- learn more

Keeping ON Track:

Info on track damage and care for tracks

Lubrication Options:

What should you use and why?

Weatherization Ideas:

How to keep your A/C costs down!

Window Work:

Sliders versus windows

Estimates & Cost Factors:

Learn what info we need to give you an estimate