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Weatherstripping Woes A Comprehensive Approach to Repair

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You can see why this has become necessary because it’s corroded and disintegrated behind here. 

These bubbles will never make a good seal on a door. You see a good example here before I start working on it, of how it’s bubbled up and become brittle. And it’s just pulling out.

So what we have to do is replace it. We take it out, I’m in the process of doing that now with a pick. And the advantage is the new weather stripping. Here it has a reinforced backing that’s made of a far better material. And rather than wool, this is simply wool, it’s now a plastic and it’s nylon reinforced. The same with this, it’s a nylon seal instead of wool. And this is the weather seal I was talking about. They imbued with the new weather-stripping. It makes a nice tight watertight seal that will keep the breeze and the water out. All new stainless steel screws on the top. And the bottom is now bracketed, so that the fixed panel will stay in place and not move at an angle.

It’s also caulked, it’s caulked all around the seal of the fixed panel, so there’ll be no more wind intrusion. On the tracks, that one had been replaced. This one is all new stainless steel screws and rivets in the center. There’s new weather-stripping all around the door. It’s nice and flexible and has that weather seal we talked about earlier. We also went over here and replaced, where the wall, the frame was pulling away from the door and had done this damage, with stainless steel tarpon anchors, that are 3 1/4 inches deep. As compared to the old 3/4 screws.

The door slides and locks easily.