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What Is That Fatness And Corrosion In The Bottom Of My Door!

Some extrusions have weights in them. For example this one has a galvanized steel weight inside the bottom rail. And this is what it’s supposed to look like. It is galvanized steel which means it has a tendency to corrode.

So let’s go take a look at what one looks like when it is corroded. Now if you take a look, you can see, look how fat that is. We have a lot of what we call, door pregnancy going on there. And that is very very serious. It can actually destroy the door. And I want to show you why that’s the case by actually going to a door that is up and moving. So here’s an example of that rail. ok.

So if it was really really fat like this? How is it going to move past this? And that’s what happens in these types of door systems. So having that galvanized piece of steel in there, is not a good idea. And it takes specialized understanding of how to remove that, so that you don’t actually destroy this piece of metal.

We’ve created a special tool for that and we were able to remove this piece without destroying this piece of metal.
And then we put the whole thing back in shape and were able to correctly fix the door.