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Why Does Glass Separate From the Frame in a Sliding Glass Patio Door?

Glass Separation!  Oh NO!

This very serious condition happens due to a few factors.  Learn how you can avoid glass separation by understanding HOW your door works as a system.

Let’s examine how glass panels are made in aluminum framed doors.  First, they start with a piece of glass.  Next comes the rubber gasket to couch the glass from the 4 pieces of metal frame.  Once the frame is added it’s held together with 4 screws.  Whether the door moves or not, each glass panel is made this same way.

The problem comes when the moving glass panel becomes crooked on the track.  This happens due to age where the wheels become misaligned.  This misalignment causes the door to become crooked.  Once this happens the door that moves catches crookedly to the next door over- whether that is a moving door or not.  It does so through the interlocking channels that are designed to hold the 2 doors together.

Because the screws are not designed to take this type of crooked pulling action they eventually break.  Once the screw is broken, there is nothing holding the door together.  Over time, with continued use and crooked pulling, the glass and metal simply separate.

If you are experiencing glass separation then please give us a call.  This can be a very dangerous condition for your door and should be addressed by a sliding glass door professional.    You can reach us at 727-641-8106.