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Hi, my name is Karen and I am so pleased that Beacon Windows entered my life.

I had sliding glass doors that I was told had to be replaced. They came and looked at my doors and said, NO! We can make these doors fine for you. Not replacing them.

They came, they did exactly what they promised. They had first quality materials on everything. Stainless Steel. I live on the water, everything was rusting. My doors wouldn’t even move, rusted shut. Now I can take one finger and just glide this door. It’s amazing. They came, they replaced my tracks that were severely damaged with first quality stainless steel materials. Replaced my locks, my handles, included weatherstripping. Cleaned the whole area, impeccable.

I was able the replace 5 large sets of sliding glass doors, for less than half the cost of one new door that I was told that I needed.

They came, they were clean, courteous, professional. I am so grateful for their service and their professionalism.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the service that I had and the people that provided it.